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Inn Activities


Many guests come to Hemlock Inn to “get away” and relax. They come to sit and enjoy the peace and quiet of the Smokies. They will rock and read a good book and enjoy the company of their friends and family.

We are in one of the most popular vacation areas in America . You can be part of the hustle and bustle or walk by yourself near a cool mountain stream. We are here to help you enjoy your vacation. Please feel free to ask our office staff for assistance.
Here are a few suggestions:

rockingchairNew1. Take a walk on the Arthur Stupka Trail: Begin at the end of the shuffleboard court. When you reach the top of the ridge, bear left and you will come to a bench. Just beyond the bench is an old fence, which marks the end of our property. Retrace your steps a short way and at the fork, go straight ahead instead of going back down the hill the way you came. You will soon come to another fork; the “Short Trail” to the right and the “Long Trail” to the left. Both bring you back to the Inn . Going by way of the “Short Trail” your walk will be a little over a mile. By way of the “Long Trail” you will walk about a mile and a half. You will see a number of wild flowers, especially in the spring.

2. Play a game outside: Shuffleboard, ping-pong, and Skittles are on the patio. Additional string for Skittles is available in the office.

3. Organize a game of bridge: There are usually bridge players around. You may play in the Sun Room, on the patio, or you will note there is a card table in your room.

4. Other games: There are a number of board games and puzzles available in the office. Please ask office personnel for assistance.

5. Plan a hike: If you would like to go with a group, there are usually avid hikers around. There are good hiking books in the office, and some suggested hikes are included in this book as well.

6. Read in the Tyson Library: Please feel free to borrow books from the library. Please return to the section of library shelves color coded on the book binding. People enjoy reading on the porch, in the Sun Room, by the fireplace, or in their room.

7. Rock on the porch and meet some new friends.


A favorite cool-weather pastime: Rocking by the fireplace


View from our deck.


Fall colors at Hemlock Inn.