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Are you watching it?

PBS is showing a Ken Burns series on the National Parks. As with all of his work, this is very well done and tells the story of the formation of all the National Parks in our land. Of course, our special interest will be the feature on the Great … [Read more]

We can feel a change in the weather in the Smokies

We can feel a change in the weather in the Smokies. Not only have we had a fair amount of rain this fall (especially lately), but the temperatures are cooling off. We are experiencing temps in the 50's at night and 70's during the day. Some of the … [Read more]

The Light of Hospitality

From the very beginning, the lantern has been the symbol of innkeeping. Visualize the innkeeper standing outside his inn with the lantern, welcoming weary guests to his establishment. Outside Hemlock Inn, there is a lamppost and lantern near the … [Read more]

Hemlock Inn and the electronic media

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a bit of a throw back when it comes to electronic media. I would still rather go inside a fast food restaurant (when I have to eat fast food) or into the bank than use the drive through. I just like to see who … [Read more]

Simple Pleasures

We often speak of "simple pleasures" at our inn. That is partly because we are an older rustic inn and do not offer some common amenities such as a pool or hot tub. Goodness, we don't even have televisions. We honestly feel folks sometimes need to … [Read more]

What do you look for on vacation?

We try not to take our good fortune for granted. We live in a beautiful and restful setting, but sometimes we just forget how lucky we really are. This past weekend, I was quickly reminded. My family decided to take a short weekend trip to the … [Read more]

Small Towns, Big Doings

As most of you know, Hemlock Inn is located just 4 miles outside Bryson City. Our town has a booming year round population of 1500 and surrounding Swain County has about 14,000 full time residents. When I first moved here 21 years ago, it took me a … [Read more]

It’s all about our guests!

It's all about our guests! I know every business like ours realizes that guests come first and that everything we do should center around their desires and needs. We constantly strive to give our guest a change of pace, a change of scenery, great … [Read more]

Mom would be so disappointed in me.

Mom would be so disappointed in me. In my last blog, I was so excited over the achievements of my sons that I failed to recognize someone very important to Hemlock Inn. For many years, Jim and Eleanor Burbank have come to the inn in the springtime to … [Read more]

Location, Location, Location

Many business people have said that location is one of the most important factors in determining the success of a business. If the business was visible and near high traffic areas, it had a better chance to attract customers. Hemlock Inn is neither … [Read more]