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Dear Hemlock Inn Friends


Several of you have contacted us recently about the effect of the Hurricane Florence on Bryson City and our inn. This has been a very trying and emotional week for all of North and South Carolina. Words cannot begin to express the destruction and pain that storm has brought upon our region.
The very western part of the state, everything west of Asheville, was spared any major impact. The storm, after lingering on the coast for several days and then slowing working its way inland, turned northward up through Asheville and out of the area. Everything east of Asheville experienced mammoth rainfall and winds. Everything west of Asheville was essentially unscathed.

While we are grateful for our good fortune, we cannot celebrate because so many others have and are still suffering. We appreciate your concern and ask you continue to pray for those in the eastern portion of our state and of South Carolina, especially those on the coast. This will be a long recovery for them.

Ironically, we are entering into the most beautiful seasons of the entire year in our mountains. We are already beginning to see of leaf color change in some sourwoods and our dogwoods. With all the rain this year, we expected a beautiful fall. We still have rooms available, especially during the week, and invite you to make a reservation and come see us soon.

We cherish your friendship and pray you are well and happy. We can’t wait to see you.