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A Reason to Smile

I was sitting on the front porch of the inn this past Sunday afternoon.  I was enjoying the beauty of the spring flowers including the daffodils, yellow tulips, and a forsythia bush.  The lawn was fresh green and the new growth on the boxwoods was evident too.  I could even see some early blooming dogwoods in the nearby woods.  It was spring at its best, and it was welcome.  Just a few days earlier, we had a cold spell that dipped below freezing for three nights.  I don’t know if it was dogwood winter or blackberry winter, but it was an interruption.  Sunday, on the other hand, was perfect. 

Sunday, of course, was also Easter, the most sacred day for Christians.  The resurrection of Christ is the validation of our entire faith.  It is a day that brought hope and promise that circled the globe.  It changed everything. 

Hope is a word used a lot lately, mostly in the context of the pandemic.  While it is still active, the situation is improving. With the vaccines and the warmer weather, the spread is not as threatening, and the future seems brighter. There is, for the first time in a year, a glimmer of hope

It all came together for me on Sunday as I sat on our porch.  Spring had returned, vaccinations are up and infections are down, and it was Easter.  I felt a renewal of spirit, a bounce my step, and a reason to smile.  There is HOPE and PROMISE.  There is a reason to get up and get out, a desire to reconnect, and joy in the prospects of the future. And it begins now. 

This is going to be a good year.

We hope to see you. We open April 21