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After two years of drought, the rains have returned this week.

After two years of drought, the rains have returned this week. We have had plenty of rain, like most of the south. The benefit, beside the rise in the water table, is the increase in the flow of all the streams and rivers. It is a great time to tube down Deep Creek. The added moisture is also helping the beautiful Spring growth.

On another matter, we are looking forward to the first holiday of our season. Memorial Day weekend is just a few weeks away. Outside of the usual festival in downtown Bryson City, there will be another treat for the holiday. The Great Smoky Mountain Railroad is offering a Lone Ranger ride on the excursion train. You can check for all the details, but basically this will be an hour and twenty minute ride on the train highlighted by the arrival of the Lone Ranger on his horse Silver with Tonto to save the day from train robbers.

To encourage you to come join the fun, we are offering two incentives.

We will offer a special Great Smoky Mountain Railroad Package that will include tickets on the Lone Ranger train as well as lodging and two homecooked meals each day. Secondly, we will waive our usual charge for children for the whole weekend. That’s right…no charge for the children…Bring the kids and enjoy a great get away in the mountains including a ride on the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad with the Lone Ranger.

This is a busy week for us. We have on son graduating from college and another leaving to go to Africa on a mission trip. More on all that later. We know your are involved in your own family activities this spring. May seems to be full of weddings and graduation and reunions.

Hope you will take some time for yourself.

Things are getting better. The future is looking brighter. Hope abounds.