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Blue Zones

Have you heard about “Blue Zones”?  This is new to me but I recently saw a report and was curious so I did a little checking.  Blue Zones  refer to a few areas of the world where folks have longer life expectancy than most.  Not surprisingly, their extended life is due to their unique lifestyle and environment.  Researcher discovered there are  nine common denominators among the people living in these Blue Zones.  They are:

1 They are active not sedentary.  They are not necessarily  exercise buffs, but they get up and simply move around regularly.  I imagine that includes a lot of walking etc

2 They have a purpose in life.  They know why they wake in the morning

3 They have routines that shed stress.  This can be prayer, mediation, naps etc but they do something regularly to get away from whatever gives them stress.

4 They eat sensibly.  Basically they eat what they need but don’t overeat.

5 Their diet is mostly plant based

6 They drink wine, but just moderately and never excessively.  Interestedly, one of the Blue Zones is Loma Linda, CA, the home of Seventh Day Adventist and they drink no alcohol at all

7 They belong to a faith based community and attend services regularly

8 They put their family first.  They commit to a life partner and their children.  Often their family lives close by.

9 They are social. They connect with others and are a part of a personal social network.  PLEASE NOTE: THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE SOCIAL NETWORKING SUCH AS FACEBOOK ETC.

I think in many ways, this describes the type of guests we attract to  Hemlock Inn.  They come  to get out into the Smokies and enjoy all its wonders, whether it is hiking or rafting etc.  They visit  to get rid of their stressful situations. They are largely people who are faith based, family first, and who know their purpose in life.  Our whole setting epitomizes social interaction where guests eat and share with each other on a daily basis… face to face around the lazy susan tables and on our porches.

OK OK OK.  We fail on the sensible eating, but we do offer a variety of food including fruits and vegetables and and and…..ok we just fail on sensible eating.  But no place is perfect.

Some may think the values and lifestyle we follow here  are old fashioned and archaic.  Sounds to me they are the values and lifestyles people need and seek.  Personally, I like it just fine.  I have found my Blue Zone

If you are looking for such a get away, come visit us. We are waiting for you!






  1. Mort, this is terrific! Great writing! And I agree that you have found the greatest “blue zone” on the planet — The Great Smoky Mountains. Would that I were living there as well. I’m working on it …..

    So glad you have this new blog, and I think you all do just fine and dandy with the eating plan you have. After all, even the Lord directed His people to include a lot of feast days in their calendar.

    Looking forward to your next post.


  2. Brenda Calvert says

    8 weeks – can ‘t wait

  3. You are so right! Hemlock Inn does attract Blue Zone people! And the setting provides a wonderful Blue Zone of escape! 🙂