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Cherish Every Memory…Love Every Moment


This past weekend, our middle son, Steven, and his bride Sarah, were married at the inn.  It was a wonderful ceremony on our front lawn overlooking the beautiful Smoky Mountains.  The spot was then dramatically transformed into an outdoor dining area as our 150 guests were able to enjoy a great buffet dinner still surrounded by our magical mountains. It was perfect in so many ways; a time to cherish and love.  We invite you to check our website and Facebook pages for pictures.

One of the highlights of the weekend was all the family and friends that attended.  We were so fortunate that so many took the time out of their busy schedules to be with Steven and Sarah on their most important day.  It meant so much to them to have everyone here.

I don’t think we can ever underestimate the importance of the time we spend with those closest to us.  Family members, often separated by great distances, or dear friends, missing from our lives for too long, are often reunited on our front porch with hugs, kisses, and often tears.  This followed by long conversations to catch up with each other’s lives around our lazy susan tables.  Before their time together is over, an old bond has been renewed.  With promises to never go as long without seeing each other again, the short time  is over and everyone goes their separate ways again.

Now if we can only keep those promises to reunite soon. I saw a sign for sale in a store yesterday that simply read “Cherish every memory, Love every moment”.  That is a simple yet profound statement.   Time together with family and friends should never be taken for granted.  Instead we should savor each minute and imbed them into our memory.  But it is also important that we get together as often as possible.  Time is a limited commodity, perhaps we should begin to use more of it to be with those we love the most.

Part of the philosophy of Hemlock Inn is to provide a place that allows that to happen.  We were so pleased Sarah and Steven gave us the opportunity to be that place for them.   We were honored they chose us.  We invite you to choose us as well.  Come, cherish and love!



  1. The facebook pictures were lovely. It made me want to get married all over again. Maybe one day I can have one of my daughter’s weddings there. Can you do fireworks? One daughter wants a Disney wedding , the other wants a small wedding with fireworks. I can just picture a wedding on the lawn and fireworks out beyond the rocking porch.
    We miss you all, we need to get back there soon. We have such fond memories.
    Best wishes to all of you,
    Ida Beth
    Greg and Ida Beth Barner
    Bubbling Creek Co.

  2. Beth Krietemeyer says

    I will be there in 2 weeks to reunite with some of my family that have been missing from my life for too long. Can’t wait to catch up with them around the lazy susan tables. So glad our family reunion will be at the Hemlock Inn. Thanks for providing the perfect setting for such a special time together.