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Easter is very late this year. Does anyone really understand how the date for Easter is set each year? All I know, it has to do with some guy named Vernal Equinox. At any rate, Easter falls on April 24 this year, which is past our normal opening date. This late date has affected our reservations since our normal early spring crowd, that usually comes the third week in April, will wait til the week after Easter to come this year. So then, the group that normally comes the fourth week in April will come the first week of May. And then….well you get the idea.

The interesting thing is that few want to comes over Easter Weekend. We have noticed this in earlier years as well. The prevailing thought seems to be that most want to be in their home church on Easter morning and who can blame them. Easter is the harbinger of spring, a time of school holidays, and a welcome time of warmth after a cold winter. But as we all know, it is much more than that. While spring welcomes new natural life in the form of beautiful flowers, new leaves and green grass, Easter is really about a resurrected life that we should be celebrating with our local body of believers.

So we will be closed over Easter weekend. Our son, John Thomas, will be home from college. We will have time to visit with him and then attend our church together. We sincerely hope your Easter is wonderful as well. We all have reason to rejoice in this most special and holy of times.

We will reopen on Monday, April 25 and look forward to your visit. Don’t forget our wildflower walks April 25-May 7 with Jim Burbank and our new Digital Photography workshop May 16-18.