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February is a great month. It is a quiet time for us at Hemlock Inn.

January is used not only for some time to unwind after our season, but also to catch up on lots of paperwork; W-2s, seemingly endless quarter and year ending reports, and getting all the information together for tax filings. Then comes February and we can relax a bit and reflect on our past year and plan for the new one as well. Everyone seems focused on the events of 2008 and is a bit tense about the uncertainty of 2009.

Maybe the best thing we all need to do is step back, take a deep breath and plan for the future with a clear head rather than with sweaty palms. A few nights ago, I was outside and looked up at the stars.

They were brilliant. One of the things we like best about our area is the lack of huge domes of light that engulfs so many big cities and drowns out what is really beautiful. Watching the stars was so calming and reminded me that maybe we just need to get back to the simplicity of life including enjoying those around us,enjoying our surroundings, and focusing on what is really important.

We invite you to come to the mountains and get away from whatever gives you stress. Enjoy the cold mountain streams, the cool mountain air, a quiet walk in the Great Smokies. Come sit on our porches and look at the wonder of nature all around you. Savor our home cooked meals. Look at the stars and the fireflies. I guarantee you will find your stress greatly reduced and perhaps a new appreciation of what is really important.

We want to make all this possible for you this year and have several specials already in place. In addition to no increases in our rates this year, please take note of the following:

– 15% discount on all stays of three nights or longer during the week days (Sunday-Thursday). Holidays and cottages are not included.

– Free Dinner on the night you arrive for every new reservation made before March 15. Must be confirmed with a deposit.

– No charge for children under the age of 16 during the summer.(June-August).

We also offer AAA and AARP discounts, but please note that we can only honor one discount per family.

We open in April, but if you have a group of 25 or more, we can open for you earlier.

We will be waiting for you. Come look at our stars!

Mort White