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Fifty Years and Counting

2018 was a good year! We met many new wonderful guests, enjoyed so many happy hours with familiar guests, friends, and with family. Sadly, we lost a few also, but smile as we remember the special times we shared with them. We are blessed at Hemlock Inn to have the opportunity to be a part of so many folks’ lives.
As we passed into 2019, we entered a special anniversary year for our family. In early 1969, John and Ella Jo Shell purchased Hemlock Inn from Raymond and Georgia Johnson. For the next 20 or so years, they managed the inn as it grew and attracted more and more guests. In 1989, their daughter/my wife, Lainey and I came on board and eventually took over operation if the inn.

2019 marks the 50th anniversary the inn has been a part of the Shell/White family.

We intend to commemorate this anniversary throughout the year; remembering our history, growth, experiences, and special guests. Ironically, John Shell, who lives with us at the inn, will also celebrate his 90th birthday at the close of this year. He will be around as much as he is able to tell his tales as no one else can. I also plan to host regular “Evenings with the Innkeeper” after dinner to share stories of our history, our guests, the unique life of an innkeeper, and even some amusing events over the years we’ve encountered. Keep following our blog for more details….

I hope you can come join us for this season and help us celebrate Hemlock Inn. We are so grateful to each of you because each of you is a part of our history and story. We hope to see you soon.


PS. Two quick notes:
1 – We will be open President’s Day/Valentine’s Day Weekend February 14, 15,16,17 As usual, we will be having some special chocolates from The Chocolate Shop in Bryson City

2- We are converting our online reservation system over the winter. Our existing system is being merged with a new company. If you have difficulties making an online reservation, please call us at (828) 488-2885 and we can complete your request. Thanks