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Fire Update from Western North Carolina

Most of you undoubtedly know about the wildfires in Western North Carolina.  We have received calls and emails of concern about our personal safety  and that of Hemlock Inn.  Thank you everyone.  Let me say first and foremost, we are fine and the inn is not in danger.   We are about 10-20 miles away from the nearest fires.  We are experiencing lots of smoke but no flames.  We continue to operate mainly weekends through the end of December, and do not plan any change in our schedule.  We are blessed.


But, there are numerous fires in our region, as many as 17-20, and tens of thousands of acres have already been scorched or threatened.  This is a serious situation brought on by a record drought and all the dry falling leaves of autumn.    Firefighters from all over the country are in WNC working around the clock.  We hear that the biggest fire to us, located in and around the Nantahala Gorge, may be fully contained within a few days.  Fortunately, I have not heard of any structures destroyed at this time.


We appreciate your concerns and covet your prayers.  We ask that you remember all the firefighters working so hard.  We need to pray for their safety and endurance as they work monstrously long hours.  We also ask that you remember those in this area that are affected by these blazes.  There have been some precautionary evacuations, so lives are being disrupted and adversely affected.  Lastly, we ask you pray for rain, and lots of it.  This is the worst drought I have seen in the 29 years I have lived here.  I am told, it is the worst in 4 decades.  Even when we get the fires under control, we will not be out of danger until we can get some much needed rainfall.


Thank you all for your concern.  I once again must repeat….WE ARE BLESSED.  There has been no loss of life or structural damage, and good people are working tirelessly to see none of that happens.  The inn is safe and continues to operate as usual.  We do not take our good fortune for granted and are very appreciative for all of you who are praying on our behalf.


Bless you and thanks.