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Hemlock Inn and the electronic media

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a bit of a throw back when it comes to electronic media. I would still rather go inside a fast food restaurant (when I have to eat fast food) or into the bank than use the drive through. I just like to see who I am dealing with. I can remember many years ago sitting with some guests at one of our dining room tables talking about the new fangled product called email. I emphatically told everyone that I preferred to use the telephone to speak personally with guests and prospective guests to answer questions, check availability, describe our unique inn, and make room reservations. Much later, after it became apparent email was a necessity, I had similar hesitations about on-line reservation systems.

I didn’t want to give up the personal contact.

Today, of course, we have a Hemlock Inn website(, Hemlock Inn email (, Requests for Reservations on our website, and even on-line reservations available through Webervations ( We also have a Hemlock Inn Facebook page (become a fan now), an Innkeeper’s Blog, and high speed internet service for our guests. It is all necessary I know. Many folks now want to do everything by computer and we want to accommodate them the best we can and make it as easy as possible for them. But it is also frustrating at times. We exchange emails back and forth when one simple phone call would answer all questions quicker and easier. Some emails are returned as undeliverable, others not accepted because Hemlock Inn in not on their approved listed. Folks are trying to keep down the spam you know. We still try to call folks who have sent us messages or reservation requests, but many times they don’t answer our call. They don’t recognize our number on caller ID. It is all part of the new way we communicate these days and we’d all better get used to it. I still prefer the phone…I like to hear their voice and find out their needs.

I want to tell them all about Hemlock Inn and make sure we do everything to make their visit pleasant.

There are still a few things I don’t have. I have no plans to twitter, I don’t have a Blackberry, and I don’t have a GPS system in my car.

Call me old fashioned I guess. But Hemlock Inn is all about escaping to a place where you can relax, refresh, and renew. It’s about meeting wonderful folks around a big dinner table and sharing the events of the day….personally…one on one. That’s still a great way to communicate. I think it is the best.

Fall is coming with beautiful foliage in October and parts of November.

Looking for a bargain?…September is your time to come to the mountains. Thanksgiving is always a special occasion at Hemlock Inn.

November and December is the time for “Polar Express.” It always sells out. Reserve early.

Get in touch with us soon and make your reservation. We have lots of ways to communicate with you…and we’d love to hear from you..