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It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This……

It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This…………..

It was the perfect afternoon.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, the temperature was in the low 70’s, and there was a slight breeze blowing across our face. Lainey, her Dad John, and I sat on Hemlock Inn front porch early yesterday afternoon admiring the successful planting of a few new trees in the inn’s front yard, replacing aged one we had taken down over the winter.  We were satisfied with our selection of the trees, Autumn Flame Maples,  and the location we had them placed.  They promised to be great shade trees in just a few years and would provide vibrant fall colors.

As we sat in the rocking chairs admiring our work, the birds were chirping and singing from the surrounding trees. We were particularly taken by a pair of blue birds, actively circling the area, only landing to rest occasionally on the lamp posts overlooking a birdhouse filled with their family of young newborns.  The newly hung hummingbird feeder was an active spot for one particularly hungry hummingbird, obviously grateful we finally put up his refueling station.

From the porch, we looked across the freshly mowed lawn, happy we had finally found the right yard service to keep our place neat.  The freshly planted flowers and hanging baskets were the finishing touches to adorn our outdoor area, but they could not match magnificent views afforded us by the surrounding mountains.  The recent cool front had cleared the sky of any clouds and haze leaving only breathtakingly clear views of the mountain ranges to the east and south.

We were given a final surprise when a fully-grown ground hog nonchalantly ambled directly in front of us heading to the safety of our pasture below.  He seemed comfortable as he passed and we sat in amusement.  The whole afternoon was one of peace and contentment.  The world seemed so far away and we were not eager to search for it.  News of the day was of no interest.

Eventually friends and guests joined us on the front porch to add a new dimension to an already perfect day.  The porch was suddenly filled with soft gentle voices sharing stories and laughter.  I thought to myself…It doesn’t get any better than this.

I admit that all days are not  perfect at Hemlock Inn.  We do get rain, a necessity if we want to keep green grass, beautiful flowers, and healthy trees.  Things break and malfunction and need repair.  Unwanted events may mar a day.  Those things are normal wherever we are. But Hemlock Inn also offers an escape from stress, relief from a tiring routine, comfort food, and a beautiful setting. It may not always be perfect but sometimes, maybe even many times, its good….very good.  You may agree, “ It doesn’t get any better than this”

                We still have some rooms available Memorable Day weekend.  Come join us.