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It Happened Again

Yes, it has happened again.  We had a guest check in with pictures of his family’s visit at our inn in 1967.  He and his wife spent considerable time looking through our old guest’s sign in books, looking at our numerous albums of pictures, and plowing through our inn’s historical books.  They were obviously looking for connection from 50 years ago and they found it.  He gleefully walked into our office announcing “I found it….their actual signature in the register book” .


Sometimes, when we least expect it, we remember good times from our past. Then we begin crave those good times, and ultimately start to search how to reconnect with them. We yearn for simpler times, a slower pace, and a little bit of the peace and quiet of bygone times.


But life often moves so fast that it is all we can do just to keep up with so many deadlines, schedules, obligations, and activities.  We certainly cannot ignore reality and our responsibilities. But maybe, just maybe, we can escape for a while.  Instead of constantly forging ahead at a breakneck speed, perhaps we just need to take a step backwards.


It happened here this week and will likely happen next week and the next….