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It snowed again today!

blog25It snowed again today! That means it has snowed a measurable amount in every month for the past four months. I know it has been the same for many of you as well. It has been colder and wetter than most recent years. Our local weather reported in late February that we never reached our normal high temperature for any day since November.

As expected, many are now just sick and tired of all the snow and cold.

Just about everyone I talk to and all the media are dearly wishing for spring time warmth and sunshine. Who can blame them…Except I love snow! Now I admit it is easier for me to say that given my circumstances. I work at home here at the inn, so I don’t have to get out and travel in the mess. My children are mostly grown. It is usually not an inconvenience to me. I do have to admit that when it snowed December 22 when we were expecting a full house of happy families coming to ride the “Polar Express”, I was not particularly happy. But for the most part, I love a good snow.

Two things intrigue me. First, just watching it fall is soothing. It is like watching a goldfish swim or a kitten play with a ball of yarn.

It is restful and peaceful and in the mountains it is even more so because we have such a large field of vision to watch it fall. I can sit in my chair and for a just a while forget my “to do” list and even the economy and the hurt it is causing so many people and businesses, Secondly, I like to watch it lay and cover everything in sight. We have been cutting some trees recently, opening some views and clearing out some dangerous trees. It is necessary to do, but it creates an awful mess. The snow gently covers it all up and everything else as well.

All the scares and messes we have created over time. Sounds a lot like

grace doesn’t it? What a wonderful blessing it is to know that all my scares. bruises, and messes are covered by undeserved grace delivered by the same one who brings the snow.

This may be the last snow of the season. It is forecast to be near 60 this weekend. And while I love the snow, I also love spring and the renewal of life it brings. Spring also brings the opening of the inn.

Check our website for our schedule, rates, and discounts. Enjoy the snow, look forward to the spring, and come see us.