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It’s all about our guests!

It’s all about our guests! I know every business like ours realizes that guests come first and that everything we do should center around their desires and needs. We constantly strive to give our guest a change of pace, a change of scenery, great home cooking, and simple southern hospitality. However, there are times our guests give back to us in so many ways. That has been the case over the past few weeks here at Hemlock Inn.

Our season started fairly strong with our regular hiking groups coming in the spring to see all the new growth and especially the spring wildflowers. However, starting in mid May, the numbers began to dwindle. We always compete with graduations and weddings that are so prevalent during this season, but this year seemed to be quieter than usual. We know it is the uncertainty of the times, but we hoped the recent encouraging economic news would result in more folks beginning to make vacation and get away plans.

It has been during this time that some our regular guests came to visit and each gave us an uplifting perspective. The Baker family, along with the Blackburns, having been coming to Hemlock Inn for 4 generations.

They come every year for a week and are sometimes even able to come a second time in the fall as well. This family clearly loves the mountains and fill their days with a wide variety of activities from fishing to rafting, to shopping and much more. Even after all the years, they are never bored. The highlight of our day is to sit with them a dinner and catch up on their day’s activities and family news. They are always so refreshing and encouraging and love Hemlock Inn. I have a promise from their daughter that a fifth generation will be coming…..eventually.

Roberto and Magali Diaz live in south Florida, and will make a two day journey several times a year to visit us. They enjoy their days sitting on our porches, reading a good book and taking in the beautiful mountain view. After their last visit, they sent us an email and, with their permission, here is some of what they wrote:

“…Thank you for the beautiful days and the peaceful evenings. Being at Hemlock Inn makes it possible to recharge our internal batteries and enjoy time without counting the hours or the minutes…Just enjoying the sunsets and sunrises….The Hemlock Inn family helps nature in making the guests feel great inside and outside too….The food is ….spectacular….”

My most favorite memory of Magali is watching her walk out to our deck one last time before leaving and gazing at our view…saying goodbye to the mountains. Thank you Roberto and Magali. We look forward to seeing you in October…if not sooner.

Don and Pam Malone just left a few days ago. They always come twice a year. Don loves to fish..Pam loves to read and shop. But we weren’t sure they would be able to come this spring. Don just completed his second bone marrow transplant over the winter. They were here last fall and told us of the re-occurance of his leukemia, after 17 years. What a shock. They were able to return this spring after doctors gave him the OK to start getting out a little. Hemlock Inn was the first place they wanted to come. The amazing story of this couple to me is their overwhelming faith and positive attitude. Don shared about the trials of the transplant, subsequent treatment, and the ongoing recovery process, but most of his story was about his friends and the wonderful events that have surrounded him. Rather than being depressed and gloomy, he felt blessed. What a lesson he was teaching all of us at Hemlock Inn.

People come to Hemlock Inn for various reasons. We hope you will come also. I know there continues to be uncertainty, but I also believe things are already getting better. We will help you as much as we can with various discounts and packages. We invite you to enjoy the peace of our mountains, our delicious home cooked meals, and cool quiet evenings.