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Leaves, Leaves, Leaves…

blog16It is mid October and in the mountains and all the attention is on the changing colors of the leaves. This is a great time of the year, the best time many folks feel. Right now, there are beautiful colors to be found all around. But there are still areas where the color still has a ways to go. So there is color available now and still more color to come. I think we will have some vibrant colors into November.

The air has cooled considerably with the lows at night well into the 30’s while the daytime temps stay in the 50’s and 60’s. In addition, we have had good amounts of rain so the streams and waterfalls are accenting the overall beauty of the fall season. There was even a little bit of snow at Clingman’s Dome last night. Hiking is wonderful and the sightseeing is unmatched.

I feel sorry for folks who can’t witness all four seasons like we do in our mountains. A lady called a while back and wanted to make a reservation for December. She asked “Will the leaves still be pretty?”

When I explained that the color would all be gone by then, she paused and then asked “Well, will the leaves be green again? While I didn’t ask, I assumed she must be from some tropical climate and did not know that after the leaves turned their beautiful fall colors, they died and fell off the tree. Leaves were always on the trees where she lived.

The mountains have four wonderful seasons, none better that fall.

If you still want to enjoy the mountains in the fall, there is still color to be found and we still have a few rooms available, especially the last week of the month and into November. Give us a call.

Gift Certificates

On another note, folks are already gearing up for Christmas. I wanted to remind everyone that we offer Hemlock Inn Gift Certificates. It is the perfect gift for those who love simple pleasures, genuine southern hospitality, and the Great Smokies…not to mention wonderful homecooked meals. Call our inn and we can take care of all the arrangements.

Speaking of Christmas, don’t forget the Polar Express which starts November 6. Tickets are selling fast, so make your plans and give us a call. We can arrange accommodations and train tickets too.

Hope your fall is as wonderful and blessed as here in the Smokies. Come see us!

— Mort