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Mom would be so disappointed in me.

blog5Mom would be so disappointed in me. In my last blog, I was so excited over the achievements of my sons that I failed to recognize someone very important to Hemlock Inn. For many years, Jim and Eleanor Burbank have come to the inn in the springtime to lead our wildflower walks and give evening illustrated talks. Jimn is retired from TVA and, along with his wife Eleanor, is a former innkeeper as well. He is a wonderful naturalist and strong advocate of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. All those who have been here and been on his walks know how knowledgeable and interesting both Jim and Eleanor are. Eleanor couldn’t come this year due to an unfortunate leg injury and we missed her tremendously. But Jim was here from April 27-May 9 and I failed to recognize him and tell him how much we appreciate him coming every year. Many of our regular spring guests come to visit while Jim and Eleanor are here and, as always, they had a great time. Thanks Jim so much for all you do. Eleanor, we missed you. Both promise to be back next year, April 27-May 8…..

The big news here continues to be the weather. After two years of drought conditions, we have been blessed with lots of rain. We are not complaining. The rain has been regular, but not constant. There is still plenty of time to get outside to hike or raft or just sight see.

But the rain has filled the rivers and streams (even Lake Fontana), kept the air clear and cool, and the mountains are a deep dark green that just takes your breath away. I don’t remember so many days of just crystal clear views. The overlooks in the park, around Clingman’s Dome, Charlies Bunion, and the Chimney Tops has been nothing short of spectacular. It seems you can see forever. Check out the view from our front porch that I took today. The flowers also continue to be brilliant such as the Flame Azalea pictured. It is a great time to be in the mountains.

The other item I have noticed recently has been the birds. We can sit on our porches and hear them sing all day long more distinctly than usual. It is so peaceful.

Unfortunately, it has been much quieter than usual. There are noticeably fewer travelers than years past. I just regret that so many are missing such a beautiful time in the mountains. I hope you plan a trip soon and hope the economy is not keeping you from getting a much needed break from whatever gives you stress. I just read this morning that consumer confidence is on the rise. Things are getting better.

All will be well. Breathe deeply, smile more and enjoy your family.

Come see us when you can. We continue to offer several discounts.

— Mort