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More Than a Place

I imagine we all have places that are special to us just for its beauty, unique architecture, perhaps its setting, or just plain comfort. Then, there are places that transcend that notion into something else, something more meaningful, peaceful, or even emotional. The place gives us warm thoughts and a deep connection. Thinking about it makes us smile. Perhaps it is a place of our childhood, where we were married, where we worship, a garden or nature spot, or place of special meaning involving our children. That’s when that place becomes a FEELNG.

I have places I go that gives me a sense of peace and relaxation and where the worries of the world seem so far away. I think clearly, things are more in perspective, and helps me make better decisions.

When I came to Hemlock Inn over 30 years ago, John Shell, my father-in-law and innkeeper, told me “Hemlock Inn is more than a place, it’s a feeling”. I admittedly had no clue to what he was saying at the time. But it wasn’t long that message became loud and clear. I learned that while our guests wanted and deserved comfortable rooms, and a decent meal, what they really wanted and needed was a change of pace, welcoming and friendly hosts, companionship of other friendly guests, and peace from stress, schedules, and tension. They sought a relationship where they were treated with genuine kindness, real southern hospitality, and where “everybody knows his name”.

I hope we have achieved that at Hemlock Inn. If you read our Trip Advisor reviews and comments in our notebook we leave open in our sunroom, you will rarely see comments about the PLACE, but you will see many about the FEELING. One guest recently wrote; “I remember distinctly on the second day of our stay when the special spirit of the Hemlock Inn descended upon me….It was a great FEELING that is difficult to describe but those who know really know what I mean. The Hemlock experience is one-of-kind…” Another guest more succinctly told me that his blood pressure went down 10 points when he drove up our driveway.

We open for our new season on Wednesday, April 20. We want you to enjoy our place, but really hope even more that you can experience the FEELING.