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Never Say Never

When Lainey and I were young newlyweds,  we were having dinner with a group of friends.  One of the couples starting sharing about how their child had scratched up the walls in their hallway riding his tricycle.  Lainey and I gave each other “the l0ok” as if to say “Why would they let their child ride a tricycle in the house?” On our ride home, we laughed and agreed…no child of ours would ever be allowed to ride in our house.  Well, you know where this is going.  Not only did our children ride their bikes in the house, they played baseball, breaking a window, practiced their swing, breaking  a ceiling fan, as well as a few other adventures.  Never say never!

Yesterday, I bought an IPhone!  I have to admit this to everyone, because anyone who knows me well, knows that I have often adamantly said I did not want an IPhone and would not use an IPhone.  I believed they were too large to comfortably carry in my pocket (don’t like much in my pockets),  did not feel I would use all or even most of the features (not a web surfer much)and did not want to be drawn into the temptation of concentrating on my phone more than my surroundings.  But,  my beloved flip phone was having issues.  The keys did not work well and texting was a constant lesson in patience.  I knew the time had come to retire it and I fully planned to get another flip phone….But there was this promotion, and I could get this IPhone cheaper and because of our family plan the monthly charge was not much…So I bit the bullet and took the plunge into the 20th century (or is it now the 21st).

Now, just because I got an IPhone, don’t expect me to start tweeting or instagraming, or whatever.  I will never do that…..then again……

I announce this openly because after all my public objections I have made over the years, I fully expect to receive some grief and ribbing.  Go ahead, I deserve it.  Send all your comments to me….I’ll read them on my new phone.




  1. Brenda Calvert says

    Welcome, Mort. Let’s face it. We all have to cave in to new technology eventually. I am sure you will
    like your phone. Just think, now you can facetime with the kids wherever you happen to be. No grief or ribbing from me — just a welcome into my world. Brenda

  2. Congratulations Mort! When I found out I announced it to Brett and Sienna….it was huge news. Next on my iPhone-hopeful list: my mom! Maybe you can help me convince her this summer.