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New Year’s Resolutions and Winter Views

I am not very good at making New Year’s Resolutions, and worse at keeping them, but I try to make a few every year with varying degrees of success. I won’t bother to reveal what’s on my list this year except for one item. I resolved to get out more and hike the great trails in our area. I have been so consumed with running Hemlock Inn that I have let it run me. I live in one of the most beautiful areas and don’t take advantage of its majesty. In addition, last year we began an “Innkeepers Hiking Week” in September. It was so much fun that we are going to do it again this September and even start a weekly “Innkeeper Hike” this year. I am committing myself to lead a hike one day every week.

So I thought it was necessary that I start now and try to hike some trails. Surprisingly, I have been pretty successful so far and I have enjoyed it more than I ever dreamed. I started with some of the trails I already knew, but have lately begun to hike the areas I have only heard our guests speak of. One thing I have learned is that I should have started this years ago.

Early in the winter, I went up on the mile long trail here on our property. Now, I have lived here for 23 years, but I am still amazed at the simple yet glorious mountain views all around us. This is more evident in the winter. I walked up our trail to the ridge and just stopped and gazed in wonder. All the leaves were off the trees and everywhere I looked, there was a spectacular view of the mountain ranges visible only in the winter. It was just before dusk and I could see the early signs of sunset to my west with brilliant red and orange skies. I would turn to the east and see the glows of purple as the shadows crept across the range. I literally had a mountain view all along the trail except when it took me into the thickets of mountain laurel and rhododendron.

How sad that sometimes we fail to see what is beautiful right where we live. I try not to take it for granted. . I will be leading weekly hikes all year and daily hikes during “Innkeeper Hike” week in September. I want to see more and I want to share it with you.

If you are looking for a short get away and want to see the wonderful winter views, remember that we are open President’s Day Weekend, February 17-19. Hope to see you soon!