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Perfectly Glorious!

blog40Lainey and I started out this past Sunday morning with good intentions. Steven has a classmate whose parents started a new church in Cashiers, and since this was the last Sunday we would be available for a while, we decided to visit. We got up early, allowed plenty of time for the drive to Cashiers, and set out eager to meet these folks and enjoy a good church service. We knew the name of the church and knew the directions. The only thing we didn’t know was the time the service started and sure enough, we arrived at the church to find the service started earlier than we expected. The pastor was already part way into his sermon and, since it was such a small church, it would have caused disruption if we walked in so late.

So we regrouped and decided to leisurely drive to Highlands, find a place for lunch and then head back home. We took the beautiful drive to Highlands but since it is still early in the season, many places were still closed. We eventually found a small restaurant on Main Street in what appeared to be a converted home. We were taken to a small room and seated at a table next to a pair of windows. We ordered our meal and as we waited, it finally struck me just how nice the day was. There was a blue ski, a comfortable breeze coming through the window, as well as wonderful company. It was for lack of a better term “Perfectly Glorious”.

Our winter and early spring, like most of yours I imagine, was adventurous to say the least. December and January were especially cold much more snowy than usual. Lately, it seems we have been getting one huge thunderstorm with high winds and tornado warnings after another. But that was all forgotten by this single moment of peace and tranquility. Spring is here and the dogwoods and tulips are in bloom. Warm air has returned and all is good
I imagine many of you have been wondering when all the storms are going to stop. There seems to be nothing but bad news everywhere. Maybe it is time for all of us to stop paying so much attention to the news, and start paying more attention to our blessings. Perhaps we should be counting the good things surrounding us, including our family, friends, and health. I imagine if we paid more attention to our blessings, we would find our lives, much like last Sunday morning, are “Perfectly Glorious”.

Hemlock Inn will open for our new season, Friday, April 15. We hope you come enjoy our peaceful setting, wonderful home cooked meals, and genuine hospitality.

See you soon!