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Simple Pleasures

blog7We often speak of “simple pleasures” at our inn. That is partly because we are an older rustic inn and do not offer some common amenities such as a pool or hot tub. Goodness, we don’t even have televisions. We honestly feel folks sometimes need to get away from those things and escape to a simpler time.

Sometimes that is a bit scary for parents. What in the world will their kids do without television or pool etc? In reality, they don’t need to worry. This past week, we had several families with children of various ages. They did the usual things available in our area, tubing, hiking, riding the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad, but they also occupied their time at the inn playing ping-pong and shuffleboard, chasing and capturing fireflies at night, and playing waffle ball in our front yard. But, by far the most popular activity was sliding down our hill on cardboard boxes. This entertained them, and all the parents watching, for hours.

We have a memory book in our sunroom. Some time back, a 12 year old girl wrote about staying at Hemlock Inn. “My Dad finally had time to play a game with me”, she said. Perhaps we parents work too hard to find things for our kids to do when all we need to do is spend some time with them let them use their imagination to create fun. It is the kids that often bring their parents back to Hemlock Inn.

Simple pleasures for the adults? That is easy….a hot cup of coffee early in the morning while looking over the mountains. Reading a good book while rocking on the front porch. Eating wonderful homecooked meals without having to cook them or clean up afterwards. The absence of constant phone calls and deadlines.

Interested in some simple pleasures? Come see us …..

— Mort White