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Spring Brings Surprises

                When you first drive up the hill and arrive at Hemlock Inn, you park next to our lamppost and lantern.  This is an appropriate location to welcome guests because the lantern has often been associated with Innkeeping.  As I wrote in a blog 10 years ago  ”…. From early in the 18th century, the lantern has been the symbol of innkeeping.  Visualize the innkeeper standing outside his inn at night with a lighted lantern welcoming weary guests to his establishment”

                But it is not the lamppost or lantern I want write about. It is the flower garden at its base.  Years ago, we planted some tulips in that area and enjoyed watching them emerge early every spring.  We abandoned that practice because the tulips usually came and left before we opened.  Every now and then, a single or just a few yellow tulips still bloom in the early spring for us to enjoy for short while.  Then, around Mother’s Day, when we are comfortable that the lasts frost of the season has come and gone, we dig up and till the ground and plant new flowers for the season.  

                This spring, another single yellow tulip came up and was joined by four bright red tulips.  We were stunned.  We have no idea how long those bulbs had been in the ground and certainly couldn’t remember when they last bloomed.  Somehow, they survived all the years of tilling and working the ground in that small garden area.  But there they were, standing tall and proud.  Spring brings surprises.

                Isn’t that just like spring?   New life appears and overtake the dark and drab coat  of winter. It’s like screaming  “A new day is here…come marvel and enjoy”.

                But isn’t that life also?  Sometimes wonderful and beautiful things hide just out of sight, waiting for the right time to make its appearance.  It may be quickly, or it may take years, like our red tulips.

                Granted, sometimes these surprises may not be welcome.  The news may be an unexpected set back or perhaps a medical issue.  But even those times can be a wakeup call for us to change direction or to modify our lifestyle or behavior.

                Maybe our real lesson is to be aware of what is around us and to realize that changes and surprises that  may suddenly appear.    Perhaps we should even be looking for those new and exciting things hidden from view under a thin layer of soil, just waiting.  We may be surprised when we really open our eyes as well as our hearts and minds to the possibilities.

                I can’t close without a thinly vailed attempt at marketing.  Most of you reading this have been to Hemlock Inn.  If so, you can stop reading now.  BUT if you haven’t, Hemlock Inn can be one of those hidden gems.  We sit off the beaten path, away from traffic, crowds, on 57 wooden acres.  We have spectacular mountain views and provide wonderful home cooked meals along with a healthy dose of peace, quiet, and friendly folks.  You may come not knowing what to expect and discover a bright red tulip.

                We’ll be waiting!

                We open in two weeks…..Monday, April 22