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The Internet is great, but…

The internet is a marketing jewel. No one can argue that it is the most powerful way to get your message to the public. “Social Networking” is also growing at a phenomenal rate. Hemlock Inn has a wonderful website and has recently added Facebook too. There is no question that these two wonderful tools bring the vast majority of new business to our inn.

However, the old fashioned way still brings in a few. Today, I had two examples of this happen within a short period of time. Two nice folks walked up to the inn this afternoon and told me they rented a cabin in the area “sight unseen” and were very disappointed when they arrived. They discovered it was located on a highway, was very small, and noisy. They rode the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad today and got into a discussion with a fellow rider and told them of their frustration. The rider convinced them that they needed to stay at Hemlock Inn. So they came up, looked around and said “This is what we had in mind”. They will stay with us for the next few nights.

We were discussing this at mealtime and another guest told us of their experience. They were in the area earlier in the summer and were tubing in Cherokee. They literally ran into another tuber and got into a discussion about the area. Our guest told her new friend she was looking for a place to bring her mother where she could sit on the porch in a rocking chair and look at the mountains. The fellow tuber told her that Hemlock Inn was the place she needed to be.

For many years, “word of mouth” was the primary reason new guests came to the inn. It was the tried a true way someone felt comfortable going to a new place. The endorsement of a trusted friend was all they needed. Folks now have the advantage of “visiting” new places through the internet and can usually get a good feel for the place they are researching. But that is not always the case, as our first couple found out. Surprises are not always pleasant when traveling.

We are thrilled that we have such loyal and faithful guests that tell others of our inn. We know this happens far more than we can ever imagine and we are appreciative beyond measure. No Innkeeper could ever ask for more than a satisfied guests who shares his experience with others. Thank you all for your love and support of Hemlock Inn. It means more than you could ever dream!

— Mort