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We had a big eventful week-end personally.

uncOn Sunday, we attended the graduation of our oldest son, Andrew, from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill with a degree in Religious Studies. He plans to work for Campus Crusade for Christ in Chapel Hill for a while before beginning graduate school. I know many of you have already experienced events like this, but this was our first. I really is hard to describe the overwhelming pride you experience when a child accomplishes something like this.

But there is more. On Sunday night, we drove to Greensboro to drop off our second son, Steven. He is a rising senior at the University of Tennessee and also an ardent member of Campus Crusade. He was beginning a three day orientation session before leaving for Senegal, Africa for seven weeks as a member of a Campus Crusade summer project. He will leave Wednesday morning on his flight for Africa. Some of you may remember that Andrew went to Central Asia on a similar trip last summer. How can a parent adequately express their feelings when they see their second son commit his summer to such a wonderful program. I am so full of pride, I could bust. Lainey and I are so blessed.

So, be prepared. When you come to visit this summer, we will certainly share with you all that is going on with all three sons. Andrew will be here at the inn off and on during the year as he goes through training and fund raising for his new job. Steven will communicate when he can until he returns late June and will undoubtedly have many stories and experiences to share. We don’t want to forget son number three. John Thomas will be a high school senior next year and will be here all summer.

We were reminded this weekend how quickly time passes. Our children are now young men with so much to offer.

We know you have a lot to share as well and we are interested in your family and events in your lives. We are eager to learn of your children as well as changes and even the challenges you have faced. You friends are so important to us and we want to have the opportunity to visit with you this year.

Check out our specials, discounts, and offers. Call or email us to check rates and availability. Use our on-line reservation system if you prefer. We have room available most times. We especially have space open for Memorial Day weekend.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning all your news.