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Well, it’s just not fair.

blog3Well, it’s just not fair. The big news of the past weekend was the huge snowstorm hitting all of the southeast. You may have some at your home, but guess who missed it all? The storm came down through Tennessee, into Alabama, over to Georgia, and then went northward up through South and North Carolina before hitting the northeast. The only place it missed was the mountains. We set and watched the news coverage, looked out the window, and kept asking “Where’s the snow?”. Well, apparently everywhere but here. We love a good snow and it is just not fair that it snowed everywhere but the mountains.

We have had some good rains this winter which is helping our two year drought. Deep Creek has good flow and we expect a glorious spring, which according to the calender is just a few weeks away. If you have been a guest here, you will get a spring postcard soon with some information about specials and new deals. We want everyone to be able to take a vacation to the mountains this year and are doing our best to make it affordable, especially for families. Our biggest decision this year was to not charge for children under the age of 16 during the summer months of June, July, and August.

Now if you will permit me, I’d like to bring you up to date on some family news. Andrew, our oldest, will graduate from UNC in May with a degree in Religious Studies. He is considering joining the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ in Chapel Hill. Steven is a junior business major at the University of Tennessee and will be going to Senegal, Africa this summer on a trip with Campus Crusade. John Thomas is a junior in high school and has just won the role of “Lumiere” in the spring musical “Beauty and the Beast” being presented March 20-22 and March 27-29. Lainey and I try to keep pace. We celebrated my “60th” birthday last month with family and friends in Asheville. We were surprised when we ran into some Hemlock Inn friends, the Actons, at dinner.

Oh, I almost forgot, we have a new addition to the Hemlock family. We have a “rescue dog” that wondered onto our front porch last September. I don’t know if we adopted her or if she adopted us, but we named her Scruffy. She is about four years old and a mix, but mostly Yorkie. I have tried for days to get a good photo to show, but she is camera shy….

Looking forward to catching up on all your family news this season. Take heart, spring is on the way and better times are ahead.

Mort White