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What a difference a few weeks make.

blog1What a difference a few weeks make. When I last wrote, it was cold and snowy. I was worried about frozen water lines and icy roads. Today is just the opposite. It is a bit cool, but sunny. This skies are a crystal clear blue and since all the leaves are gone, you can see forever. I just came in from a walk around the property and was just memorized looking at Frye Mountain across the valley. I felt like I could just reach out a touch it. That view never ceases to amaze me.

Everyday, it is different. The picture shows the mountain a few evenings ago just after a rain and before sunset.

As I walked today, I was reminded how lucky I am to be here and how many blessings I have. It is so easy to get consumed with what we don’t have, or what we have lost. I am constantly working on concentrating on what I have. When it comes to it, I believe it is the simple things in life that are most important; our family, our faith, our friends, and our unfailing belief things will get better.

At Hemlock Inn, we invite you to return to simplicity…return to nature. We want to make it possible for you to bring your family to the mountains this years and enjoy each other in a peaceful, beautiful setting. We have already announced some special discounts for the year and there will be more. Check this website for the latest or call me at (828) 488-2885.

There are so many places you can visit. We are grateful when you choose Hemlock Inn. Hope to see you this year…

Mort White