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What do you look for on vacation?

meadow titled printWe try not to take our good fortune for granted. We live in a beautiful and restful setting, but sometimes we just forget how lucky we really are. This past weekend, I was quickly reminded.

My family decided to take a short weekend trip to the greater Atlanta area. This was to be a combination trip to celebrate my son Steven’s return from Africa (he was there six weeks on a Campus Crusade Summer Project), also to celebrate his 21st birthday, and to attend the wedding of the oldest son of some dear friends. We made reservations at a fine four star establishment, planned to play a little golf on Saturday morning, attend the wedding late Saturday afternoon and return home Sunday morning. We left late Friday afternoon with great anticipation.

I forgot about traffic on Friday evenings on I-985 and I-85. We got a little behind in our schedule and decided to stop and eat a good dinner before checking in. We exited off at a busy intersection with many restaurants to choose from. As it turned out, we were fortunate there were many to choose from because most all had a waiting list of at least an hour. It was already 8:00pm and I was hungry. After all, I was used to our regular 6:30 dinner time at the inn.

After a late dinner, we finally arrived at our destination and it was beautiful…but it also was hosting three weddings. We were happy to finally hit the bed since we had an early tee time. But the fun was just beginning for others. We began to hear loud and persistent noises. Doors were slamming over and over and there was commotion and loud voices filling the hallway. I finally got up and went to the front desk to ask for help. On my way there, I passed the lounge and discovered that inebriation was the word of the night. I guess the bachelor parties were in full swing and they were spilling into the hallways. Security was helpful and finally, after 2 hours, we were able to sleep.

We awoke groggy eyed, played our game of golf, fought the traffic to the nearby town where the wedding was held (which was wonderful) returned to the inn somewhat fearful of a repeat of the night before.

As we drove back to the mountains Sunday, I was reminded why folks come to Hemlock Inn. The area is beautiful, we offer wonderful home cooked meals on time without waiting, the setting is peaceful and the traffic is usually not a problem. There is plenty to do in the area for those who want to stay active, but there is also peace and quiet for those who just want to relax. Folks hopefully return home rested and refreshed.

What are you looking for for your vacation this summer? There is still time to plan a fun family get away or couple retreat. We have some great deals and can help you plan the activities your desire. Come visit the mountains, get away from traffic, long lines, and the noise.

Come enjoy pure, simple, ….. peace………