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Hemlock Inn is Open

We opened for the 2020 season last week.  We will be operating on reduced capacity for the time being, but we have rooms available now for most of the season.  However, as we reach our maximum allowable capacity, we will close off the rooms. If you are interested in visiting this year, we encourage you to reserve soon.

Come When You Are Ready

We have folks making reservations now and others canceling their rooms.  Some are ready to get out and get away now, others want to wait awhile.  We realize each person has to decide when they feel comfortable traveling.  We understand and will be ready when you are ready!

Social Distancing

Social Distancing is the key phrase of these times.  There is obviously concern by many folks of large crowds and gatherings.  It is for this reason, we wish to remind you that our inn is located 4 miles from Bryson City, on 57 secluded acres.

We are a small inn by choice. For the immediate, the number of our guests at any given time will be lower than usual and our room assignments will be spaced out.

Our Family Style dining is unique,but we will even be spreading out at mealtimes too.  The capacity around our tables will be smaller and spread over the entire dining room.

Even though the Great Smoky Mountains National Park will be open, guests may also use our mile and half nature trail located on our grounds.

We are looking forward to seeing you and spending some time with you….at a little more distance than usual.


We are having problems with FaceBook. When we last tried to publish an update, FaceBook locked down and didn’t allow us to post. The message we got was “Too many redirects” . We have ended up in a never ending loop. They suggested cleaning out our cookies,which we have done with no change. Now we cannot access the account.

We have worked with our server and any others we can find, but no one seems to know what do. We can’t just call FaceBook for help.

Anyone out there have and idea?

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